Are you feeling anxious, stressed, depressed?  Do you feel the need to make changes in your life?
Too much stress or anxiety can put your health at risk and affect your ability to function.  It can also lead to physical, mental and emotional problems.  Anxiety can follow extreme or distressing experiences, and may cause feelings of intense apprehension or worry.
Depression can be mild, with low mood picking up after a few days, or it can be consistent, lasting for weeks or much longer.  This is likely to prevent you functioning fully, and is not something that can be changed overnight, nor is it a sign of weakness or failure.
Therapy can help you manage your life differently or support you in developing coping strategies for your day-to-day living.
So, if you feel you need someone to talk to, take the first step and contact JD Tree Personal Counselling Service.  I offer a confidential, affordable telephone counselling service which is accessible nationwide.
Appointments may be booked by e-mail or phone.
JD Tree Personal Counselling Service
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